$39.95 USD

Show your appreciation and joy for someone who celebrates Purim with a simple, yet fun gift basket of treats and sparkling grape juice. The Purple Purim Misloach Manot Gift Basket contains a variety of mouthwatering treats, such as hamenstashen, chocolate-covered pretzels, dried fruit, and nuts.

It also includes a bottle of delicious sparkling grape juice that will add some fizz and flavor to the celebration. The gift basket is wrapped in a purple ribbon and a bow, and it comes with a personalized card that you can write your own message on. The Purple Purim Misloach Manot Gift Basket is a wonderful way to show someone you care and share the joy of Purim with them.

Product Details

  • Hamentashen
  • Non-Alcohlic Sparkling Grape Beverage
  • Chocolate-Covered Pretzels
  • Chocolate Malt Balls
  • Yogurt Malt Balls