$49.99 USD

Looking for an exciting and unique Passover gift for your child? Look no further than our Fun Seder Passover Kid’s Gift Box! This gift includes Savion Fruit Candy Slices, Cotton Candy, Passover-Themed Straws, Passover-Themed Masks, and kosher certified.

This fun and unique gift is perfect for your child who loves to celebrate Passover. Our Savion Fruit Candy Slices are a delicious way to start the meal and our Cotton Candy is sure to please. Our Passover-Themed Straws and Masks will add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the seder.

Our gift box is the perfect way to celebrate Passover with your child. Order your Passover Fun Seder Kid’s Gift Box today and enjoy a special and memorable experience together. 

Product Details

  • Savion Fruit Candy Slices
  • Cotton Candy
  • Passover-Themed Straws
  • Passover-Themed Masks