$120.00 USD

If you want to send a gorgeous, elegant, and delicious gift to someone who celebrates Purim, you might want to consider the perfect combination of Babka Cake and Premier Wine. These are two of the most exquisite and indulgent items that are sure to please any palate and impress any recipient.

The gift is presented in a treasure chest that is wrapped in a colorful ribbon and a bow. The treasure chest is a stylish and unique gift box that can be used to store or display other items. It also comes with a personalized card that you can write your own message on.

The Purim Wine & Babka Cake Mishloach Manot Treasure Chest is a wonderful way to celebrate Purim and show your appreciation and respect for someone who deserves the best. It is a great gift to send to clients, coworkers, or even the CEO of your company.

Product Details

  • Gourmet Chocolate Babka Cake
  • Bottle of Premium Wine
  • Stylish Treasure Chest